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City Of Mission Viejo

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About Mission Viejo:
The land upon which Mission Viejo is developed was part of the 52,000-acre Rancho Mission Viejo. The chain of title to the land dates back to July 27, 1769, when a Spaniard named Gaspar de Portola led an expeditionary force from Mexico across the southern border of the ranch and claimed the land for Spain.

Seven years later, the ranch witnessed the first attempt to found Mission San Juan Capistrano. Although lack of water forced the friars to relocate and the whereabouts of this old mission remain a mystery, the name Mission Viejo bears testimony to this structure's sojourn in San Juan Canyon more than two hundred years ago.

After Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1821, a new flag flew over California and a new spirit filled the air. The missions, which had been established to further the spread of the Christian faith, became secularized, and their vast landholdings were granted as ranches to prominent citizens.

One man who happened to be standing in the right place at the right time was an English trader named John Forster. John or Juan, as the name reads on the old land grant, married the Mexican governor's sister and acquired the three ranchos historically known as El Trabuco, Mission Viejo, and Los Potreros. But fate frowned on Don Juan Forster. Fencing 205,000 acres drained his capital, droughts destroyed his cattle, and futile efforts to attract settlers dried up his last remaining credit. When Forster died, his estate was in shambles, and his sons were forced to sell.

In 1907, an Irish cattleman named Richard O'Neill acquired an undivided interest in Rancho El Trabuco and Rancho Mission Viejo. When a 1963 study indicated that urbanization was spreading south from the Los Angeles area, his grandchildren, Richard O'Neill and Alice O'Neill Avery, decided to sell 10,000 acres. Donald Bren, Philip J. Reilly, and James Toepfer purchased the property and organized the Mission Viejo Company.

In 1965, a master plan for Mission Viejo was approved by the Orange County Board of Supervisors. One year later, Forster's dream of attracting settlers became a reality as families stood in line to pay $21,000 for homes on his former cattle range. In April 1966, these pioneering residents moved into the new neighborhoods near the intersection of La Paz Road and Chrisanta Drive.Administrative Services
Irwin Bornstein, Director of Administrative Services 949-470-3059
Accounts Payable, Finance, & Purchase
Fax: 949-581-3528
Human Resources: 949-470-3060
24-Hour Jobline: 949-470-3088
Fax: 949-770-9926
Animal Services
General Number: 949-470-3045
Fax Number: 949-365-0181
City Administration
Mayor and City Council: 949-470-3050
City Manager: 949-470-3051
Fax: 949-859-1386
City Clerk
City Clerk: 949-470-3052
Fax: 949-581-0983
City Council
Mayor Patricia Kelley:
Mayor Pro Tem Frank Ury:
Council Member Lance MacLean:
Council Member Cathy Schlicht:
Council Member John Paul Ledesma:
Community Development
Building Information: 949-470-3054
Building Inspection: 949-222-4694
Code Enforcement: 949-470-3055
Health Inspector: 949-470-3027
Planning and Zoning Information: 949-470-3053
Fax: 949-951-6176
Fire Services
General Number: 800-545-5585
Public Information/Education: 714-532-7266
Library Services
Main Number: 949-830-7100
Circulation: Ext. 5101
Reference: Ext. 5105
Children's Room: Ext. 5107
Volunteer Program: Ext. 5139
Local History Information: Ext. 5110
Friend's Bookstore: Ext. 5115
Community Room Reservations & Info: Ext. 5126
Circulation: Ext. 5101 or 949-470-8420
Automated Renewal/Notification System: 949-855-8068
Police Services
Lt. Steve Bernardi, Chief of Police Services
Non-Emergency: 949-770-6011
Administration: 949-470-3015
Crime Prevention: 949-470-8433
Public Services
Administration: 949-470-3095
Graffiti Hotline: 949-460-2924
Pothole Hotline: 949-470-8405
Park, Slope, and Median Maintenance: 949-470-3064
Streets, Curbs, Sidewalks Maintenance: 949-470-3095
Urban Forestry: 949-470-3064
Weed Abatement: 949-470-3095
Fax: 949-455-2589
Public Works
Administration: 949-470-3056
Engineering: 949-470-3040
Transportation Services: 949-470-3069
Trash/Recycling Services: 949-470-3010
Fax: 949-581-5394
Recreation and Community Services
Administration: 949-470-3061
Felipe Tennis Complex: 949-859-4FIT (4348)
Marguerite Tennis Complex: 949-859-4FIT (4348)
Montanoso Recreation Center: 949-859-4FIT (4348)
Norman P. Murray Communityand Senior Center: 949-470-3062
Picnic and Sports Field Reservations: 949-470-3061
Senior Citizen Nutrition Program: 949-470-3063
Senior Citizen Programs: 949-470-3062
Senior Dial-A-Taxi Program: 949-470-3061
Sierra Recreation Center: 949-859-4FIT (4348)
Volunteer Programs: 949-470-3061
Fax: 949-581-0795

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